Indian Whistles, Escargot Type Brass Whistles.

 A. Strauss / Underconstruction

I am particularly fond of referee whistles, known among collectors as Escargot type whistles, or referee type. 
The ones made in India are unique because of the hand work involved that makes each whistle different, It is interesting to note the none pressed toothgrips and Knops of the heavier whistles, many are hammered and hand filed from heavy solid  brass, and the file marks and asymmetrical appearance are unique. 
I will continue this article later but first I will bring some photos and then later will develop the text.Construction, Makers, Stamps, Periods and more.
Any help by comments or photographs of ones that you do not see here are welcome. 


The Thunderer Whistle / Durbar/ ASCO THUNDER WHISTLE Empire Made
Made In India / Made In India / Made In India
-# different size whistles all stamped made in India, all brass,  two are nickel Plated.
 T.E Thomson & Co. Ltd. Calcutta whistle, 1891-1905 Made by J. Hudson & Co. England for a local supplier.                         
1941 Dated Military whistle
STC in diamond shape logo, PFGD on the underside of the whistle.

The Thrill Whistle
2nd world war period, WWII. Few samples of many variations.
J.P & Sons Aligarh
Eden & Co.
K.M.G.S. 1942
T.B. 1942                  



PlayFair Made in Indiaon a humpback cap knop style and tappered mouthpiece.
Maharashtra State Police whistles. The Mharashtra State Police
To be cont. 

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  • 11/24/2011 12:35 AM Karl wrote:

    I currently have a whistle called 'The Thunderer Whistle' Made in India. On the back is etched 'No. 3 Jayco'. Is this of any value or significance?


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  • 1/10/2014 11:38 AM chriss taylor wrote:
    have whistle with the letters 1942
    do you have any info on this whistle
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  • 1/13/2014 5:46 AM Terry Jones wrote:
    We have been given a whistle which says:
    I would like to provide any information as to the person supplying the whistle.
    do you have any details please.
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  • 1/14/2014 4:20 PM Ali wrote:
    I have a whistle used by the tt of railway. Its in a v good condition. Writen on it is j.p.sons Ali Grah 1941. Its all brass, can any one tell me via email its worth.
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