J. Hudson & Co. Fluer- de -Lis whistle model 367 , previously unknown variations. & Catalogue exerpt. A. Strauss

J. Hudson and Co. registered design No. 574670 from 1910's is a scarce whistle sought after by collectors.
Shaped as the ancient Fluer-de-Lis symbol which was adopted by Baden Powel as the Scouts embelm, it is a double note whistle, the kind with stop hole.
Pitched to C & A (when blocked) notes , 3 semmitones apart.
To learn more about symbol please see
Fluer-de-lis at the wikipedeia  .                              
                         Figure 1.

The standart model was made with black oxydized color, mostly found cleaned of to show the brass. 
Previously it was thought that there is one variation but I had found two more variations,
one has a uniquely designed top, Figure 1.
The other figure 6 & 7 is what I call the  '5 lines 367'  variation, it seems to be a very early type ,
It is Not made from Brass but cast nickel silver or another white metal that is not peweter.
The whistle has 5 line on both back and front and used a different casting mould.
Also note the Reg. number on the back is place differently. 

Figure 8 shows an excerpt from the Acme 1930's catalogue.

Fig.2 & 3
  Fig. 4  

Figure 6 back side,   '5 lines 367' back side.

Figure 7 front .  '5 lines 367' 


Fig.8 An Acme whistle catalog exerpt from 1930s showing 4 different models of scout whistles.

Whistle museum, A.Strauss, All rights reserved Copyright © 2009


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