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    Chinese Diabolo, Chinese Yo-Yo 


  Antique Chinese Whistling Diabolo  toy, chinese yo - yo, Two different size sound holes , wood .
         L; 15 cm side diameter; 11 cm

Diabolos evolved from the Chinese yo-yo, (See wikipedia) which was originally standardized in the 12th century. 
Chinese yo-yos have a long thin axle, with disc-shaped wheels, while the western diabolo is more cone-shaped. see entry (2) on this category .
The diabolo also comes in different colors, sizes, and weights.
The sound holes, windows , causes the dabolo or chinese yo[yo to make a whistling sound when spinning at high speeds. The sound and pitch created allows the performer to gauge his speed by  pitch and adjust- "Tune" the yo-yo accordingly.


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叫銛子 叫銛子係樣憑得急速氣流通過內部空腔,𠵹產生聲氣嗰簡便樂器

ホイッスル ホイッスル
: Whistle)は、楽曲の演奏や他人への注意・警告などを目的として、気体の流れを利用して音を発生させる装置のことである。また、類似した音を電気的に発生させる器具(電子ホイッスル)もある。

Whistle Museum, Notes and photos by A. Strauss, Copyright © 2009


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  • 4/25/2013 3:01 PM Jasmina Nielsen wrote:
    Dear Avner Strauss,

    I work as the photo editor for a series of history books published in Scandinavia. We found the middel image of the Chinese Whistling Diabolo toy on your blog, and would like to use it in an article about China.

    Can you get in touch with me at:

    regarding licensing the image and possibly sending a larger version of it?
    I would be very grateful, and thank you in advance.

    Many kind regards,
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