Whistles & Comunication. (1) Wishaw's 1849 Registered Patent, Denhame & Proud Manufacturers , Ivory speaking tube whistle.

Comunication Whistles, (1) 1849 Wishaw's Registered Design.
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Many of these comunication tube whistle variations in ivory, bone, brass, and  wood which are ussualy found undated and unstamped were an anigma, these particular samples helped my research.
Some of these comunication tube system whistles were used in Marine vessels and Taxi cabs as late as late 1930's and even early 1940's.


    * 1849 Wishaw's Registered Design. whistles made to firt his ‘telekouphonon’  
Two samples from my collection, made by Denhame & Froud Manufacturing co. c 1850's
one is made of Ivory the other of Brass with an Ivory plate on top.

c.1849-to 1860's,  Ivory speaking tube whistle ,  British manufacturer, London .


The whistle of  Whishaw's Improved Telekouphonon Registered Dec. 5 1855 Denhams & Proud Manufts.His original design was a  poor man's patent' registered  Design  May 22, 1849.

Whishaw's Telekouphonon 1851 * see note

Francis Whishaw’s widely publicized ‘telekouphonon’
was a long, flexible gutta-percha tube with an ivory or metal mouth-piece and removable
whistle at either end through which people spoke with others up to three-quarters of a mile away.
Scarcely an original invention it proved very successful in the 1850s domestically, in hotels, in clubs and in business houses,  It was imitated by many others although he obtained a “poor man’s patent”, a Registered Design, for it on May 22, 1849.

This is the ‘compound terminal’ with a mouthpiece holding a removable  whistle alarm and an acoustic duct “so that a conversation may be carried on without moving the mouth until the communication is completed”. The duct or earpiece has an indicator that pops out when the whistle is blown by the distant correspondent. *

Many types of communiction tube whistles and will be discused in future entries.


of Mr. S Roberts from the website distantwriting.co.uk
         Photos, & article .A. Strauss  Whistle museum, all rights reserved.
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