English whistle manufacturers, Whistle Makers In England, List History and Links. By Avner Strauss, ( Work in Progress)

 English whistle manufucturers, makers. British Manufacturers. 

List of British whistle manufacturers, hit name to see articles I wrote about the maker's history and samples. 
It is still a work in progress. @@  means there is an entry with detailed History & samples of this Manufactrer ,
others are yet to be published here. @@ + means there other entries with more samples by that maker.
@ means there is a sample here, @+ means few enteries with samples by this maker.

Also look at footnotes to get some more information about the whistles made, and the article about American Whistle Manufacturers that has more notes which would apply here as well . 

The four large centers of  British whistle manufacturing were Birmingham. Sheffield, Glasgow and London ,
noted silversmiths were in Chester Edinburgh & Dublin and others as well ( Scroll down for Silversmiths).
Undoubtedly Birmingham was the main center of whistle manufacturers.

Potters, Clay whistle makers, Ivory & Bone turners and makers of wood (2) whistles
are not listed here at this point because of luck of info.

See additional makers ***

Many silversmiths made whistles and are not listed here, as it is in progress. 
I chose some I have whistles made by, in the future I will add others.
More  info about silversmiths & Hallmarks can be found see google British Silver Hall Marks.
James Allen *(silver)      @
J. Adams * (Silver)

Adie Brothers.  
Adie Bros, Atlas Works, Soho, Birmingham & 110 Great Hampton Street, Birmingham (Kelly 1936) and by 1950 Adie Manufacturing Co., Forster Street, Aston Cross,Birmingham 

S Auld                                          @@+                                      Glasgow

J Barrall                          @@+   HistorySamples                     Birmingham

S.B.Barnes                                                                                    London
Bartram, Howard & Snowden             Devonshire st works,  Sheffield 
B & H Whistles                                                                      

Bent & Parker                                  @@                                      Birm. 

Black &Co.                                     @@                                     Glasgow

Cascelloid & Co.*** (Palitoy) (since 1919 )                                  Liecester

Coney & Co.                                                   @@                      

Denhame & Proud (1)          @                                                    London

William Devenfort     (Silver) @                                             Birmingham

M Y Dart Co. 

A De Courcy & Co       + Many@                        @@+               Birm.

Distin &Co.  (Musical Instruments makers.) @@ see additional makers


Dixon & Sons  +@(Various materials)@@     Cornish place,    Sheffield.

J D Dougall (1)                                                                                Glasgow 

W Dowler & Sons                                           @@+                        Birm. 

J R Gaunt &Sons                            Birm. Reg, Hallmark 1800

G & J W Hawksley        +@  @@+              73 Carver St.,   Sheffield           

Hawksley & Sons,                     @                          oxford St., London 

J. Higham ( Musical Instruments makers).  @@                   Manchester

Hill Bros.***                                                                         Sheffield

Hilliard & Thomason (H & T) * @ Spenser St.                  Birm.

J Hudson & Co  (Various materials).             @@++              Birm.

     with Lilly                                                                 Birm.            
Joseph Jennes & Co. * (Silver) 
KÖHLER & Sons                        @@                                   London
Levi & Salaman ( L&S) (Silver) *                                         Birm. 
D Lewis (1)                                                                            Birm. 

J Linegar  
   J.L                          @@                           Birm.  since 1865

B. Lily & Sons                            @@                           Birm.  Since 1861   

                                 @@                                             Glasgow   MacNaughton     (1)                   @                                                Glasgow 

S Mordan  ( Silver)         @@           City Road & RegentStreet,.  London 

C. Parker            @                 42, Cherry Street Birmingham. since 1840's
R Perry & Sons Co.                            90 church St., Birkenhead
Pringle & Sons                                       Middlesex since 1907

R A Walton                                        @@+                                        Birm. 

H A Ward                                                   @@+                                Birm.

Rudd Bros. (Tin)

J Stevens & Sons                   @@+                       Glasgow & London

Stadium Ltd.                                                                                       Birm.
selcol *** + 

 W & A Smith    (Wood)                                        @@                      Mauchline, Scotland 
Smith & Wright                                                     @@                        Birm.

H W Short                                                                               London
Summers ( Silver)*                                                                   London
Sykes & Son,
   (Thomas Sykes) 
                               36 Duke St. Sheffield
Joseph Taylor *
early 1822  
       @@                          Birm.
W Thornhill & Co. *(SIlver +)  @                                              London
George Unite (Silver) @@                                                                    Birm.
C T Willets                                                           Heneage St.            Birm.
Joseph Willmore *                   @@                       Birm,. Since 1773

Yapp & woodward  *

T Yates                                      @@+                     Birm.

   Foot notes  @@ means there is another entry with detailed History & samples of this Manufacturer 

***                        ==  Additional Manufacturers==

Additional manufacturers of brass instruments, horns, hunting horns, some made whistles occasionally or suplied whistles made by other makers. 
Besson & Co. - Besson instruments were sold in the UK from 1840-1855 by John Pask and after that from 1855 - 1858 by Louis Jullien from 1855 - 1858. Besson then opened their own London branch at 198 Euston Road London.Their instrument were stamped F.Besson with the monogramme FR from 1869 to 1885. From 1885 - 1895 the monogramme became FB . After 1895 the stamp became Besson & Co . The UK business was bought by Boosey & Hawkes in 1948 .

G.B.Butler - started up in Dublin in 1826, then opened a London branch in 1858.Marked "Butler Haymarket London and Dublin".The Haymarket address puts it between 1865 and 1898. 
Boosey & Co  - In the 1850 Boosey & Co started making brass and wind instruments and merged with Hawkes & Son in 1930.
E. GREAVES -   @ 1840s 50s at least Manufacturer of Pitch Pipes and tuning devices,  56 South Street, Sheffield — Manufacturer.
Henry Potter 30 Charing Cross, London. The Potter family were prominent manufacturers of military musical instruments from 1809 till the 1950's. This horn can be dated between 1858-1904, when Potter was based at this address, (then moved to 36 & 38 West Street , Charing , London).Henry’s son George also participated in the family business, relocating to Aldershot in 1859 at which time he established his own firm of George Potter & Co. This firm focused very much on military band instruments. This company bought the London Potter firm in 1918 and remained active into the late 1930’s.
Henry Keat & Sons - Henry Keat made horns for all the leading saddlers including - Merry , Whippy , Wilkinson & Kidd , Cornish & Rogers as well as Army Navy Stores and Potters of London .When Swaine & Adeney took over the business of Kohler & Sons in 1907 Keat & Sons made all their Hunting Horns till 1984.
Rudall Rose & Carte -  operated from various addresses in the 1800's.From 1821 to 1852 the company was just Rose & Carte. From 1852 to 1857 Rudal Rose & Carte were at 100 New Bond Street , London. From 1858 till 1878 they resided at 20 Charring Cross , London. In 1872 they became Rudal Carte & Co. And from 1878 onwards the address was 23 Berners Street , Oxford Street , London. The company was eventually bought out by Boosey & Hawkes in 1943  
Swaine & Co - James Swaine started in business in 1798 and moved to 185 Piccadilly in 1835 .Swaine & Co dates horns to before 1845 when James took his nephew into the business and the company became Swaine & Adeney . SWAINE & ADENEY  
SWAINE & ADENEY 185 PICCADILLY LONDON PROPRIETORS OF KOHLER & SON MADE IN ENGLAND. Horns made after 1851 usually bear the exhibition medals from that year. Swaine & Adeney merged with Brigg's in 1943

Richard Porteous 25 Queen's Square Westminster in the 1830's
In 1849 his address is registered as 6 & 7 Gloucester Place, Chelsea, London.
J Russell, 80 Goswell St  London

                                == Silversmiths

I am adding and will add more to these and may seperate in the future,
You may like to check  Hallmarks of English silver web site 

English silversmith  British Silver Whistle Manufactures, silver makers marks, sterling

Additional Silversmiths whos made whistles, underconstruction

H.W A. Ashford
                                                 Birmingham since 1866
T Phipps & E Robinson      London since 1783, whistle  dated 1804 hallmarks
 Mary Chawner widdow of William Chawner II (Reg 1915) London 1819
Joseph Wilmore Birmingham  since 1798  ( Bosun marked 1835 ) 
Joseph Taylor Birmingham  1822 first noted whistle
Joseph Bent Birmingham ( Reg, 1842)
Levi & Salaman ( L&S) (Silver)     Birmingham
George Unite Birm.
Yapp & woodward  *
Roberts & Belk (Samuel Robert & Charles Belk ) Hallmark SRCB  Sheffield 1867 Furnival Works (Buson 1867)
Charles Rawling 1912 Buson Birm. 
J W Kirwan & Co  Birminham (Sterling siren whistle 1886)
T J Birmingham ( 1881 Sterling match-safe, vesta whistle) Unknown
A.&J. Zimmerman Birm ( Banana shaped vesta)
James Adam Birm ( GSW 1898)
F.D. London ( 1878 vesta whistle combination)

Thornhill & Co. W.T. Early 1800 Early cased simple Beauforts and many more. see article History and samples @@ 

English Silversmiths, English Sterling Hallmarks,
British silver Hallmarks, Whistle makers, SIlver Makers Hallmarks.
City Marks:
Birmingham, Sheffield, Chester, Exeter, London, Glasgow, York, Edinburgh,

Additional notes : 
William Dowler & Sons. Graham St. Works, Birmingham 1 (in 1946) Founded 1774, probably as Thomas Dowler of Great Charles Street, brass candlestick makers.(RR1780).  By 1846 they are listed as medalists. Amalgamated with Firmin in 1969.
Thomas Dowler, 91, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, brass fire furnishers and manufacturers. Wrightson Directory 1835
M Dowler & Son, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, candlestick maker. by Commercial Directory 1816

Firmin & Sons Ltd., Globe Works, Villa Street, Aston, button makers Birmingham

J R Gaunt & Sons
, prior to 1913 trading for 200 years as Ed Thurkle in Woostone Parade 33, Clifford St., Aston, Birmingham.
Boosey & Co bought out Henry Distin of 31 Cranbourne St , Leicester Square in 1868 so any Boosey horns bearing the Distin trademark would be later than that date ;Boosey & Hawkes Ltd 
Boosey & Co merged with Hawkes & Son in 1930 so horns made after this date were stamped Boosey & Hawkes.

                                               ==Famous  Retailers ==

McPherson & other Glasgow retailers


To be cont.



****  Made of  Horn.

(1) One type whistle known to be made by.
(2) W & A Smith being the exeption

Whistle museum, A.Strauss original research, All rights reserved, please do not use any part of this web page without a written permission from the author. British whistle manufacturers, By  Avner Strauss , All rights reserved, no part of this webpage and articles are to be copied without the explicit written permission of the owner.  Copyright © 2008


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  • 7/29/2010 11:14 PM frances wrote:
    Dear Mr Strauss,

    I am giving a talk to a small music society in two weeks time on the 'pipe and tabor'. The pipe is sometimes called a whistle - which is what lead me to your amazing museum online.

    I would be most grateful if you would give me permission to use a few of your illustrations in my talk. They will not be copied or used outside this talk, unless you give me your permission for this separately.

    Thank you


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  • 2/7/2012 2:39 AM Kristin Campbell wrote:

    I work with a theatre company and I'm trying to find research for what a whistle would look like in 1908 England. This is for a female from England who's acting as an informal guide in Italy.

    If you have a picture of what would be appropriate that would help me immensely.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kristin Campbell
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  • 9/27/2012 4:48 AM Deanna wrote:
    Hi, I have a vintage bosun pipe whistle navy battleship new york meyer WW2 1940's. I have tried to do research on this particular one, and cannot find anything. I would like to list it to sell, but, have no idea what it is worth. It is stamped MADE IN ENGLAND and has a crest on it with the words...NEW YORK MEYER. ARMY NAVY.EQUIPMENTS. can you give me an idea what it might be worth? I tried to look up the history on it. thank you
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  • 4/5/2013 11:51 PM Alison wrote:
    Hello, I would like to post you a picture of my whistle. It is says England on it and it is 3 whistles in one. Each whistle is identified by its key, C,D & G but I can't see on your website how to send you a picture. I would like to find out more about this whistle. Thank you, Alison
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