Dog Whistles, Dog Calls, Ultra sonic Dog Call, whistle early 1900 France, and many more.(Hit tittle to see pictures )

Dog whistles (13 pictures)

Ultra sonic Dog Call, Two parts whistle early 1900 France, see also galton whistle

                                                      Dog whistle brass,  1920s  unknown maker.



                                                  Pre WWII German dog whistle made by H.S.

           Aluminum Two notes Dog whistle by Sanborn Co. Mentor Oh. U.S.A. 
                                                           Model # 6 of 7  dog whistles models Sunborn were making
                                                             Model # 7

          1930s French made case dog whistlewith distinct pen like design ( Left) .
on right, an Early Acme Cased Dog whistle, Patent 486417 of 1938 Both Nickel platedbrass.



                            Train Your Dog Sientifically, (Could have been....Silentifically...) U.S.A 1940s


                                                         Acme cased Dog whistle w. Box 1990s

Four subjects that are dog related are, Ultra sonic Galton whistles (Picture below), It is a simple one c 1900 made in Germany, Originally it had a Rubber ball on top, I will soon put , a large collection of Galton whistles of which there are plenty of variations, there is another entry with a Hawksley Galton whistle you may look at. 
The second is round whistles with figural dog head (Made of all types of materials) since mid 19th century, I will soon devote an entry to these. 
The second which also includes Dog head figures is walking canes.
The fourth is Dog wips equiped with whistles. 
and last is Round pea whistles that were named DOG CALLS in the 19th century.

      T. Yates, Birmingham, late 1860's Nickel Silver Round pea whistle with Dog head. 

                                                    Cane w. Horn made round pea whistle dog head for  top. 19 cent.


 Whistle Museum, Notes  by A.Strauss, (All rights reserved).
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and  אבנר שטראוס 
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  • 4/19/2010 10:56 PM elena larson wrote:
    Thank you for collecting the fine images for display. My interest, as an artist/designer is directed by the authentic.
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  • 4/19/2010 11:00 PM elena larson wrote:
    Dear Curator,
    Thank you for collecting the fine images for display. My interest, as an painter/designer is inspired by the authentic.
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  • 5/27/2010 4:01 AM Chris wrote:
    Improve your spelling and grammar please. Use Google spell check or Wikipedia.
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  • 8/6/2010 5:20 PM james bentley wrote:
    I wish to purchase a whistle to stop a dog from barking late at night in our neighbors yard I am in Spain and should be as cheep as possible where do I purchase/? I do not wish to annoy neighbors just stop the barking.
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  • 9/8/2010 5:27 AM Sally wrote:
    I found an odd looking whistle in my deceased mother-in-law's cabinet. I was delighted to find out what it is by comparing it to the whistles on this site.
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    Nice article. It's really nice to see some older items and their marketing. Some modern counterparts might be useful too.
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    Very helpfull thanks for taking the time to make this page. :-)
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  • 1/21/2014 12:36 AM Ed Wahl wrote:
    I have a plastic Sanborn whistle, I bought it in the '80s when I got my first bird dog. Is this whistle, which looks like the one on the adv. pic above still being made? I'd love to get my hands on some extras. Thanks. Ed Wahl
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  • 2/3/2014 8:15 AM Ed Wahl wrote:
    I have a plastic Sanborn dog whistle that I bought in the '80's. I haven't been able find them since and this is my last one. Does anyone know who manufactured these? Are any still available?
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