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Very Rare American whistle,  Bean's Police whistle and Bean's Railway, Rail Road Whistle.
Dual tone tubular whistle.  The earliest American patent for one. 
Probably made by B.G.I. Co. Bridgeport Gun and Impelements Company of Connecticut, U.S.A.The Rarest American whistle " known as "Bean's Police patent" . Bean Police whistle Patent  .First USA patent  for a 2 note cylinderical whistle , by Edward D. Bean  Patented
Oct. 25 1881  Pat. No. 248,694  Patent Drawing


Interesingly dating before the british two notes of Hudson's 1883-4.
But two notes GSWs were made in England prior to these.

L; App 68 mm Body Diameter: 19.75 mm.
B.&O.R.R Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road. stamp on a Bean's whistle.

Patent describtion...

Allthough well documented in various catalogs of the period, and as a Patent, the whistle long sought after was first discovered in 2008 by the author after searching for one a long time, knowing there is one from the pettibone catalog and earlier ones (JPM's catalog), finding the patent that is tittled policeman's billy, took a long time.
It is the author belief that there are more samples to be discovered. There are other whistle models  invented by bean but no samples had been yet discovered, there are 5 versions of that particular GSW and various stamps, some are not stamped, there is a model with a stop hole, without one and a shorter version without a stop hole. (see picture) A whistle collector said it is  as rare as the Acme tank whistle, another  considered  it to be the "Holy Grail " of american whistles.
The Patent date stamp appears on some of the whistles

Above is the whistle as seen in an exerpt from pg. 38, in an 1886 catalog of police supplies by J. P M's Sporting Goods catalog. 
 The whistle also appears in the 1901 Pettibone Bros. Manuf. Co Catalogue for Police & Army supplies . Another model was made with a shorter version of the same design.
I first discovered the whistle in 1996 in a catalogue ( Chas J. Godfrey N.Y, N.Y 1903) and was searching  for a sample to appear.
Luckily few variations did show up, there are still many I had been waiting for years to show up. In the future I shall post some of these on a wish list.


The shorter earlier model .
A model with stop hole and stamped diaphragm .
A.Strauss collection

Here is another article showing the complete Bean's police billie

Edward D. Bean was a Very prolific inventor of  various whistles handcuffs and other police items. His Handcuff patents were the most popular for a long period and considered a classic by collectors.

To be continued
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