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                                            H A Ward Double pipe  ' The City Whistle ' c 1890s, Birmingham ,

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                     H A Ward Whistle Manufacturer by A.Strauss

Henry Arthur Ward was a Birmingham whistle maker who made whistles of high quality,
all rare and hard to find. He made whistles from 1889 to [[1908.

 65 Weasman Street -  1889-1897
 27 Loveday street   -  1898 - 1902
 99 Snow hill             -  1903 - 1908


H A Ward is one of the whistle makers we know little about and most of it is revealed by his designs and stamps which testify to an innovative maker of high quality whistles. All his whistles are rare and some were discovered only at the last year or two (2008).
During 1889–1890 he had a partnership with a Birmingham whistle maker named Peter McDonald and they applied for  patent # 2980 at 1890, the patent was never grunted, it was for a Glasgow style escargot-type whistle constructed of 6 parts in a way similar to one that S Auld received a Patent for in the same year.
Auld and Ward were both making whistles stamped "Improved Call".

Models and Types 

* Escargot-type whistles ; H A Ward may have made the First model of the famous "Thunderer" London style whistle, later to be become popular by with numerous whistle manufacturers until J Hudson and co. were granted the registered trade mark at 1927 after years of legal fights and claims. Only one London style of H A Ward 'Thunderer' had been seen. Found By A Strauss 2006 see picture at another entry here.

* Glasgow style Escargot, The Alpha Improved Call No 23 & No 24 & No 25, are three rare samples and they were planned for use for railway guards and with the Glasgow area police forces (which preferred using round pea whistles and escargot-type while the rest of England adopted the cylindrical two notes GSW. (General service whistle).

* small types of musical slide whistles of one octave range.

* Beaufort whistles , and Beauforts with cast Mouthpiece. (V Rare)

* General service whistles , mostly ones stamped with " Police or Fire whistle " name variations. These were made with cast top  mouthpieces at the earlier ones and later with rolled mouthpieces.
Of the British whistle makers He was the only one that seemed to have made cast GSWs though they may had been made at B Lily & Sons in Birmingham since they were one of his main outlets for selling whistles in Birmingham and also made cast patterns in pewter  and [[Britannia metal. It may be noted here that B Lily & sons were located at the same street as [[J Hudson & Co]] at the time and sold other makers but Hudson's. and supplied whistles ordered from Ward, A De Courcy & Co. and T. Yates among others.

* Round pea whistles ( And "pignose" round pea whistles ), some stamped and some not, Many named; 'Midget', 'Express', made for B Lily & Sons.

* Two pipes or multi tube,  whistles with inline mouthpiece.

In 1901 H A Ward printed a catalog of which very few copies exist.

Body Stamps
  (Partial list )

* '"H.A.W, 'Thunderer'",
 * "The City Whistle".
*  "The City Police ".
*  "The Standart Police or Fire",
 *  "L.M.S"  London Midland & Scottish Railway.
* '" The City Police or Fire Whistle " in 5 Lines & in 3 Lines along the whistle cylindrical body.
*  "Express" on a round pea whistle,
* Keeper
* Midjet
* Taly Ho
42 mm Taly Ho Model 23 B.Lily & Sons 1909 Catalog.

*  "Speedwell" on a Double pipe type.
* "Alpha improved call  No.23 " & No. 24 & No. 25

Slide whistle by H A Ward.

New unknown whistles identified ad made by H A Ward keep appearing every once in a rare while.

To be cont.

I had posted my research in the Wikipedia for the benefit of whistle lovers.

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  • 6/11/2012 4:57 AM Gabriel Johnson wrote:

    I'm quite a novice in regards to fine musical instruments; however, I've always been drawn to all things old and handmade. I recently purchased what appears to be a large (12"), rectangular, wooden slide whistle, simply due to its aesthetic. The only identifying mark it bears is a hand carved "WARD" signature near the mouthpiece.

    I've been unable to secure much information on the piece, and the rarity of H. A. Ward's designs has piqued my interest considerably.

    I would be grateful for any expertise you are willing to offer, and would be happy to send images. As mentioned, I was drawn to this piece due to its beauty as an object, but now feel I may have stumbled onto something historically important. It feels as though it may have been a prototype or personal project, and perhaps not intended for production on a commercial level.

    Many thanks and best regards,

    Gabriel James Johnson
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